IIS anonymous user access

Hi, I have an issue with reports in my configuration.

I have report copied to output folder of working directory just fine, but ContinuaCI can’t display it in Build reports tab. I get message"The current IIS anonymous user does not have access to the report [file]". I did my best to follow advice included in the message: I enabled anonymous authentication for ContinuaCI site and in revelant folders I gave read access to ContinuaCI ApplicationPool.

However I am operating on IIS 10.0.17763.1 and it didn’t do the trick. Can you confirm I should do something more and what would it be? Or I missed something and you might have educated guess on what would it that be?

Hi @Jerzy,

Are you giving permissions to the correct folder?

Ensure that you give the IIS AppPool\ContinuaCI user read access to the Ws folder under your Continua CI data share folder on the server, e.g. C:\ContinuaShare\Ws.


This works for us on IIS v10.0.14393.0. We’ve no reason to believe it would work differently for more recent versions of IIS10.