How to send concrete error with email?

What is the best strategy to send errors by email after FinalBuilder fails ?

Currently I export the log as HTML and send that file.

The result is this:

Build Delphi [Build TestAttracs Delphi 10.3 Rio](#) (Error in red)

So the concrete error when compiling is not included.

In this case it was.

F:\Attracs\Attracs-Common\code\forms\System\frmSystemDefaultZoneRouteMap.pas(140) Hint: H2443 Inline function 'TBoldObjectList.GetBoldObject' has not been expanded because unit 'BoldSystem' is not specified in USES list
F:\Attracs\Attracs-Common\code\forms\System\frmSystemEBookingCustomer.pas(75) Fatal: F1026 File not found: 'forms\System\frmEditEbookingCustomer.pas'

That would of course be much more helpful.
Any suggestion how I could achieve this ?
I also have a vague memory that this worked before. But not sure when this changed.

I could also add that the compiling happen in a subscript called from main script.
Maybe that matters.

Links to my export HTML settings


What version are you using. There was bug fixed in the most recent update which sounds like what you are seeing.

I use


The fix I was thinking of has not been released yet, this build has the fix

Ok, thanks for the support!