How to limit subscription to manual/triggered build?

I just upgraded to Continua v1.9.2.895. The release notes mentions the ability to limit subscriptions to manual/triggered builds. However I cannot find any setting for this in the notification setup. Am I missing something?

Hi Anders,

A Restrict To tab with extra options appears after selecting a build notification type, in the Create/Edit Subscription dialog.


I was looking in the personal subscription settings. When checking the group subscription I guess I didn’t check any notification types.

If there were also a condition field it would be perfect, e.g. restrict the notification to when a variable has a certain value.

Yes, that is on the to-do list and we did look into adding this as part of this feature. It does however require a significant amount of work to implement as the variables are not currently accessible where needed - so it’s been put on the back burner for the time being.

The ability to limit subscriptions to manual/triggered builds has been added to user subscriptions in v1.9.2.902.