How to get a build changset files list in a continua configuration stage

What I need to do in ContinuaCI build is to get the changeset for a build and make a decision based on its value. I found this $Source.GitRepository.ChangesetDetailsFilePath$ variable whose value is something like E:\CI_AWS\Ws\585565\Source\GitRepository_CI_ChangesetDetails.xml. the problem is this file not available when the my powershell embedded logic wants to access it. This could be because Continua only uses it initially when moving stuff to working directory and then deletes it?
I also know that $Source.GitRepository.BuiltChangeset.Id$ exists too but I want the changeset immediately rather than go and get it by git using the hash.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hi @hossein.jami,

The _CI_ChangesetDetails.xml file does not get deleted but is only available for new commits to the repository after ticking the “Write changeset details to file” option. It is not available for previous changesets which have already been detected and added to the repository cache.

Try adding a new commit, and running a build on that, or reset the repository to re-add the changesets to the cache with the changeset details file.

Thanks for the instant reply. Appreciate it.
I can now see the content of the file inside the ws folder. however it is only showing the git commit hash and related info.
Like I said I want the files list directly rather than pulling them via git which takes time.
what I need is list of the files like the ones can be seen in changes tab of a build in Continua.
So is there anyway to only get the changeset file pathes in continua?
I appreciate it.

Did you tick the “Include list of changed files in changeset details file” option?

Thanks, I missed it somehow :slightly_smiling_face:
will check that out