How to check why a trigger did not fire


i use a trigger on the default branch. It was temporarily disabled. After re-enabling it, the trigger did not fire.

In general the build log does report the conditions that successfully activate a trigger. However there is no log information, when a trigger does not fulfill conditions. I did not find any information in the event log. Imo activating debug logging for such an issue is not an option. Especially since the situation, when the trigger did not fire, is over any.

Any ideas?


Hi Thomas,

We have previously discussed implementing a repository log showing details of the changesets that have been detected for each repository. This would include information on whether or not each changeset matched patterns and rules associated which each trigger. This is on our to-do list however it’s a significant task and it may be some time before we can fit this into our schedule.

This is very interesting. Especially as it is a general means of repo information. Imo, this will help to better understand Continua. In particular when running into problems. Thanks!