Help with nuget Update configuration


I would like to use some of the nuget actions, such as restore and update, but I’m not sure what parameters to use.

I have specified a VS solution file in the first field, but I’m not sure what should go in the ‘Output directory’ and ‘Configuration file’ fields. Is the Output directory the packages folder?

As far as the ‘Configuration file’ is concerned, I don’t know what configuration file this is referring to.

Do I need to put anything in the Packages tab? The same question for the Sources tab, do I need to put anything here or is all information inferred from the original package installation?

If I press the dialog Help button, it takes me to the NuGet Pack Action web page where these fields are not contemplated.


Generally, for nuget restore you really only need to specify the solution - the other options are there if you want to override what is already configured with the solution.

Most of the fields mirror the options on the nuget commands - although I did find the Output Directory option on Update command was incorrectly named (likely the option on nuget changed over the years) - it maps to the RepositoryPath command line option.

When you run the actions, the generated command line is shown in the log file. That should help you see what it is doing.

I acknowledge that our help is outdated and insufficient - it’s something we are working on for future versions.

Many thanks Vincent.
This information is sufficient.