Help & Manual 8 Support

Hi All

This test build adds suppport for HM8

The only change in this build is the HM8 support so it is safe to install. We have done some basic testing with HM8 and so far so good. Let us know if you find any issues.

Known issue :
On windows 10, the HM8 process is showing up on the windows task bar while the action is running - we have tested this outside of FinalBuilder and it still appears (running from the command prompt) so it’s not at FinalBuilder issue.

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Ran some tests and it seems that when using HM8, the “Fail on Warnings” option, though un-checked, is treated as being set (see attached screenshot). That is to say, the FB action fails if the HM8 issues any warning.

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Hi Olivier

A quick look at the code suggests this is actually the compiler returning a non zero return code (2 in this case).

The Fail on warnings functionality works by parsing the log file, which isn’t happening in your case since you didn’t specify one.