Guidance on Ci not resolving latest git commit


(luke) #1

We have multiple configurations on FinalBuilder ci that build different branches on the same repository, i.e. develop and bug_xxxx. We have validated the git credentials on the ci agents. We have also setup the origin settings on ci (Repository->Edit->Branches) to monitor all branches, with develop as default. Unfortunately when we trigger builds, new commits are not picked up. If we generate a new branch, the ci will checkout the new branch when requested correctly.

Is there anything we can do to help identify where the problem lies? The first action on the first configuration stage copies from Source -> workspace, so we cannot locate the directory where git is checked out on the server.

Ci Version:

(Vincent Parrett) #2

The version you are using is from September 2016, there have been numerous updates since then, the git support has had a lot of work done

I would suggest updating to the latest version, reset the repository and if the problem still happens, then we will need more information (what settings you have, debug log, diagnostics log etc).

(luke) #3

Ok, thanks for the help!