GitHub with 2FA enabled

(Erick Sasse) #1


What’s the proper way to configure in Continua a GitHub account that has 2FA enabled?

I tried following GitHub instructions and created an access token to use as password, I put it in Continua and it passes validation, but later I get an error in the repo and looking in event logs it shows invalid user name and password.


(Dave Sparks) #2

Hi Erick,

Using the personal access token as the password for GitHub is working in our tests.

We have however noticed that the old password can still be used by some commands including the git fetch command, after changing to a new password. If this is the case, resetting the repository in the Administration section should fix the issue for you.

We are currently working to update the code to prevent this situation for the next version.

(Erick Sasse) #3

I’m still having trouble with this. Repos are showing “ready” and Continua can get all changesets, but when I try to build, during the Update Status I get an error:

Failed to post status update to GitHub API at Status: Unauthorized - Unauthorized. Response: {“message”:“Must specify two-factor authentication OTP code.”,“documentation_url”:“”}.

(Dave Sparks) #4

Have you specified a Username and Password, or Access Token in your Update GitHub Status build event handler settings? You need to use a personal access token to authenticate with GitHub when using two-factor authentication.

(Erick Sasse) #5

Thanks, that did it.