Git commit without any changes


(Waldek) #1

My FinalBuilder project, sometimes make file changes which I want to commit. I don’t really know if there is really a change or not and I want use git to check it.
Git Commit Action fails if there are no changes. I can use option allow empty, but it creates unnecessary commits.
I tried to use action Git repository status. It has option fail if no changes to commit, but it doesn’t seem to work. The action Log message was “(…) nothing to commit (…)” but the action didn’t fail.
My workaround was to save log action message to a variable and check for the string “nothing to commit”, which is not the best option in case message changes in future.
I could also use ignore failure option, but it could end very bad, ignoring something I don’t want to ignore.

Is there a better way to do it, maybe I’m missing something?
The best solution for me would be a new option in git commit action which does not commit if there is nothing to commit.

My version is