Git Checkout Action fails


we have installed build 2897 yesterday. It seems like the git checkout action is broken.

Git Checkout build
	[Error] The Local Repository directory specified (C:\ContinuaCI\CI_WS\Ws\28992\Source\Repo\build) does not exist!
	Working Directory:     C:\ContinuaCI\CI_WS\Ws\28992\Source\Repo\build
	Command Line:          git --force master
	[Error] Error executing program : Failed to execute program. Error : Der Verzeichnisname ist ungültig

The Command Line “git --force master” is wrong.

With the previous version used the output is different:

Git Checkout build
	Working Directory:     C:\ContinuaCI\CI_WS\Ws\28892\Source\Repo\build
	Command Line:          git checkout master -f
	Already on 'master'
	Your branch is up to date with 'origin/master'.

We have also updated to Git 2.28. Before that we had Git 2.27 installed.

I have reinstalled FiB Build 2863. Our build runs again with no problems so far.

Hi Thomas

The way the command line is generated is a bit odd (we will fix that)… but the error is actually that the local repository folder does not exist, at least according to the scripting.filesystemobject.

I will upload a build with some changes shortly.

Hi Vincent,

i checked the log.

Build 2897

Command Line: git clone "https://.../_git/RepoName"

This is wrong. Obviously the git clone command ignores the dest path parameter.

Build 2863

Command Line: git clone "https://..../_git/RepoName" "build"

looking into it

I suspect this is a backwards compatibility issue with the clone action. After installing the newer build, open the clone action in the FB IDE and take a look at the “Name of new directory to clone into”.

We did a lot of refactoring of the git actions for and we did try hard to maintain backwards compatibility, but I guess this is one we missed. The actions were badly in need of an overhaul as they had not been touched in several years, and the dev who wrote those actions got lots of things wrong!

Hold off installing that build… I think I have found a way to maintain the backwards compatibility. Uploading another build now.

I have not been able to install the build on my local pc, as the installer rejects to install. My license seems to be out-dated. I checked my Finalbuilder-Installation, but in the “About” dialog, there is no information regarding my license.

Our build-server has its own license. However, it is still running a build, so i can not test there either.

If your serial ends with 505 then SA lapsed on 16 Aug 2020 - the other license (and Continua CI) is good to 28 Feb 2021. The licenses are under Simon’s account so you might want to hassle him about renewing your’s :wink:

This build should handle the backwards compatibility a bit better.

Indeed, the serial of my licence ends with 505. I’ll check with our IT to get an update.
As for the Buildserver i need to check for a timeframe, to be able to install and test the update.
Thanks. I’ll keep you updated.

Hi Vincent,

i’ve just installed build 2911. It’s running smooth :slight_smile: Thanks!

Please note, that there is a minor change (in the log file).

Build 2863
Command Line: git clone "https://..../_git/RepoName" "build"

Build 2911

Command Line: git clone "https://..../_git/RepoName" build

The target folder is no longer quoted. I did not test with a directory containing spaces. Simply using “build” is no problem, obviously.

Quotes are only added if the path has spaces, so that should be fine.