Getting the versionnumber from an assembly.cs info a Finalbuilder variable


I’m trying to get the versionnumber from an assembly.cs file. I do this with an Powershell script and I can get and print the version or put it in a variable.

But how do I the Powershell variable into Finalbuilder?

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If you are using the Execute Powershell script action, getting the value into a variable is complicated - you would have to use the Output Monitors feature.

The alternative to using powershell is to use the Text Find/Replace action with some regex, e.g


You may need to tweak the regex a bit, the above regex worked for me but I only tested it with a single file

Then in the OnMatchGroup script event for the action use some javascript to set the FB variable (in this case mine is called FileVersionStr)

if (GroupIndex > 0) { //group 0 is always the full match
   FBVariables.FileVersionStr = Text

Hello Vincent,

The Find/Replace seems more promising than the PowerShell Script so I opted for that, I just cannot seem to find the OnMatchGroup event in the Find/Replace action? Not sure where this event should be or how it is called in the FB userinterface (what am I overlooking?)

Could you please point me in the right direction?

Using Finalbuilder

Select the action in the target, then go to the Script Editor tab (use the View menu)

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Hello Vincent,

Ah thanks, in the the tabs in the lower part instead of popup options!