FTPS and SFTP trying to make directories?

(Ames) #1

We upgraded to lastest release version and now on FTPS and SFTP we are getting errors that directories already exist. It’s like FB is trying to make each directory (even if it exists on ftp) when it’s batch uploading an entire directory.

(Vincent Parrett) #2

You haven’t really give us much to go on. Which version did you update from? We would need a lot more information to be able to figure out what is going, which actions you are using, log output etc. Also, which SFTP abd FTPS server software are you connecting to? Ideally if you can send your project file to support @ finalbuilder.com we can take a look and see if we can replicate the behavor here.

(Ames) #3

Sorry I left out details because I was assuming others were seeing it.

On It worked with previous versions. These scripts are years old. I skipped a few builds in there. I might uninstall and go back a few months.

FTPS upload gives “FTPS Upload Files action failed. 550 Directory already exists”

It’s a FileSet which is folders and files. And then an upload of that FileSet.

I’m told it’s Filzilla Server, but haven’t confirmed.

I’d have to see if we can sanitize the project file enough to send and still have it make sense for debugging.

(Vincent Parrett) #4

I have managed to reproduce the problem here, it looks like the newer version of the library we are using has changed the exception type and we are now looking at the wrong property for the error codes. Working on a fix now.

(Vincent Parrett) #5

Please try this build : http://downloads.finalbuilder.com/downloads/finalbuilder/800/FB800_2453.exe

Note this build only has changes/fixes for FTPS, I wasn’t able to reproduce the error for SFTP.

(Ames) #6

Sorry for the delay in testing this. Looks good. No issues on this build.

(Ames) #7

The build you linked to fixed the bug. It looks like the bug is present in Did this fix not get merged back into production?

(Vincent Parrett) #8

The fix is definitely in the production build, so my guess is this will be a slightly different issue. Please send your logs to support - although we probably won’t get to look at it till the new year.

(Ames) #9

The FTPS server for this customer is running Filezilla Server.

I went back to 2453 and everything is good again.

From the logs:
Aquiring connection object…
Building directory tree
Creating remote directories…
FTPS Upload Files action failed. Directory value cannot be empty.

(Vincent Parrett) #10

Ok, this looks like a slightly different issue. There were further changes to the FTPS actions since build 2453 to improve the performance and fix other issues we found in testing. I will look into this in the new year. In the mean time, if you can send your full log output to support I can try to figure out exactly what is happening.