FTP: Use the same name for different connections, more options via var and no case-sensitivity during wait


I have some things I would be glad if I could use them in former versions:

1. FTP wait for file: Option to let the wait ignore the case-sensitivity. At the moment the file to wait for in the action and the actual file have to be the same.

2. FTP connect: More options should be definable via variable: Active or passive mode, binary or ASCCII transfer mode, port, use proxy and proxy port.

3. FTP connect: The same connection name should be available for different connect-actions.

The background for 2 and 3 is the following. We use one script on different machines. The script can be used universally. The differences between these scripts are stored in an ini-file. Some differences refer to the ftp connections. Amongst other things these are the transfer and connection mode and the proxy (use one or not). It would be much more comfortable if these parameters could be transfered to the action by variables.

If this is not possible, there would be another possible way: Using different connect-actions for ftp with or without proxy, active or passive mode and so on. All these connections would get the same connection name, which is not allowed at the moment. The actions, that handle the transfer of the files, could be the same. At the moment all the handling has to be done in many action groups that are all the same, except the ftp connect.

Here is an example to show what I mean:

Actual method:

- case no_proxy

ftp connect without proxy (name: connection1)

 [many ftp-actions]

ftp disconnect connection1

- case proxy

ftp connect with proxy (name: connection2)

[the same ftp-actions]

ftp disconnect connection2


new method:

- case no_proxy

ftp connect without proxy (name: connection)

- case proxy

ftp connect with proxy (name: connection)

- actions for all cases:

 [the same ftp-actions]

ftp disconnect connection

I hope that makes clear what I mean.


I would be glad if you would realise this.



Sorry, I should've read the manual. All the things I need can be done by scripting. So, there is (almost) no need to improve the actions.

The only thing I'd like to have is the one with the case-sensitivity. Maybe there is a chance to handle that.