FTP Mirror to retain file dates

When files are downloaded, the file dates are set at the time of download.  I would like an option to be able to preserve file dates.  At the moment I have to use an action script to interrogate the file date on the server then alter it on the downloaded file.


We have implemented this request. The build for this is located here.


Note that we have implemented this feature both ways, mirroring to local or to server. How effective this is depends on the server however, most ftp servers will not allow the setting of the seconds or milliseconds of a file. Therefore file time differences will have to be more than a minute to be detected as a change using this method.

When downloading file times are not an issue as we are able to set the time of file using the file system.

Another item to note is that we to handle server to local time differences. If “Skip Time Skew Check” is turned off however we simply set the UTC time for file and rely on the server adding the local timezone difference to the file. In testing this hasn’t proven to always be the cause by default on some ftp servers. There is a warning in the action when the action is configured this way. 

Lastly if there is a problem for any reason in asking the server to set the time of a file the action will fail as it can not perform what is has been asked to do. The ftp server needs to support setting the time of files, otherwise this feature doesn’t work when uploading to a server. 

Let us know how this goes.

FinalBuilder or Automise? Looks like this download is for the former.

Yes apologies for leaving out the actual requested Automise update. Here is the download.


Hi Jason, shouldn’t this be AT400_427.exe or can I install this over my existing installation?


Once again apologies it was meant to have two links. Here is the other.