FTP Mirror enhancement

Our supplier keeps a lot of files available on their FTP site.  We are only intereste din picking up files that have changed since the last run.  We may prune the contents of our side of the mirror but don't want ot re-download them on the next sync cycle.  It would be useful to tell FTP Mirror to only look at files/folders that were created since a specified date.

Although not as easy as specifing a date on the FTP mirror action, it can be done manually using a combination of a few actions... (We use this in several of our projects since FTP mirror option just became available recently)

1. Use the FTP List Directory action with Detailed Listing and store it in a variable 'MyVariable'.
2. Use a List Iterator action to go through each line of MyVariable.
4. Use regex or regex in a VBScript (about 2 lines of code) to parse out the date.
5. Download the file or not.
6. Using XML actions store the name of the file in a history.xml file.
7. Add a 3. step above to check the history.xml to see if the file has been previously checked and skip if it has been.

Probably not what you are looking for but I thought I should throw it out there...

Thanks, that looks similar to the process I have coded up so far. Great minds think alike etc. etc.