Fmcmd licensing

Do I need a seperate license to run fmcmd on our build agents?

Yes, you need a named user license for each build machine.

Do you have a cheaper runtime licensing option like visualbuild pro? A full license when you aren't using the IDE is a bit over the top.




No, not at this time. The main issue at the moment is the need for a ui to configure the options, it’s something we are looking at for a future version.

Ok, good to know.

Is this a typo?  Should it be fbcmd.exe?


Anyway, some time has passed since the question was asked.  Is there now an option to run only fbcmd.exe on a second build machine?  And use the full FB Pro on the first build machine.

Not at this time, however it is something we are working on for the next major version.

Any progress on not requiring a license for every build machine?

No, probably not going to happen, not unless we massively increase the price of the IDE product. There is no easy answer to this I’m afraid.