FinalBuilder under TFS can't find NuGet.exe

(Adam) #1


In our company we have several FinalBuilder projects, which we are updating to use the NuGet actions e.g. NuGet Restore, NuGet push.

This works fine on our development machines, but unfortunately on our build server we always get the following error:

[NuGet Restore]
File not found at the provided executable path (\nuget.exe)

The build server has NuGet.exe in a folder in the %path% variable, and it can be found without problems if we log on to the build server directly and run nuget.exe from the command line, for example.

What is particularly suspicious is that even if we intentionally remove NuGet.exe on our development machines, we get a more reasonable error like “File not found at the provided executable path (C:\Program Files (x86)\NuGet\nuget.exe)”. So it looks like FinalBuilder is not even looking in a reasonable place on the build server.

For information, we are using FinalBuilder, and our issue is happening on our build server using the Run FinalBuilder task in TFS 2015.

(Vincent Parrett) #2

Hi Adam

The nuget actions use the location specified in the FinalBuilder options, it doesn’t use the %path% variable. My guess is that on the build machine, this is not configured. You need to login to the build machine and run finalbuilder, go to the options dialog, find nuget and set the path to the exe (just the folder).

Or just edit \server\c$\programdata\vsoft\finalbuilder8\finalbuilder8.ini and add the following (adjust accordinly for the location on your server


(Adam) #3

Thanks Vincent, that has worked. The only thing is I’m not sure how it got configured correctly on our developer machines, but that doesn’t matter. Thanks again.