FinalBuilder built app crashes, IDE built app doesn't

I’ve come across a weird problem. After using FB for years, suddenly when I run my D11 app built from FinalBuilder, it falls over with an AV in one part of the code, but when I build via the IDE it runs absolutely fine.

Conditional Defines are the same and Search Path & Library path are set to use those from delphi/project.

I can see in the output folder there’s a file myproject.used which I’m assuming is the options passed to the command line compiler.

Firstly is there anyway to get something similar out of the IDE, so I can compare the two and secondly any other ideas as to how to work out what’s going wrong ?

Many thanks


Very odd. Must have been a rogue dcu somewhere as editing the problem pas file seems to have cured. What’s odd is that all the path’s are the same between the two compiler setting options and I delete all dcu’s as part of the Finalbuilder script

Hi David

In the delphi IDE, you can get the command line from Messages, Build tab, it will have an node like

dcc32 command line for 'yourproject.dpr'

expand that node to see the command line options.

My go to answer for differences between the IDE and FB built applications is usually resources, in particular the manifest file.

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