FinalBuilder Released

FinalBuilder official update is available from the downloads page

FinalBuilder IDE

  • BUG - Logging - Do not show skipped actions when viewing errored actions.
  • BUG - Export Log - fixed error in flat html output stylesheet.
  • BUG - Fixed memory leak when copy/pasting actions.

FinalBuilder Actions

  • BUG - Async Action Group - fixed random error under heavy load/lots of threads.
  • BUG - Action Group - Local variables Canonicalize Path setting did not load correctly.
  • BUG - 7zip Create Action - fixed Add Folder incorrectly adding wildcard.
  • BUG - InnoSetup Action - Fixed Preprocessor not working with v6 when using the compiler dll.
  • Enhancement - InnoSetup Action - Added support for Preprocessor IncludeFiles and IncludPath
  • Enhancement - HTTP Get Action - Added UserAgent property which defaults to same as Chrome - some servers didn’t like the previous default.
  • Enhancement - InstallShield Action - Added IS 2022 Support.