FinalBuilder Released

FinalBuilder official update is available from the downloads page


  • net framework 4.7.2 or higher is now required to allow TSL 1.2 support in some actions


  • Enhancement - improved error reporting when a process is terminated.


  • Enhancement - Removed superfluous [End Message Group] log message.
  • BUG - FBCMD - fixed issue with params file option.

FinalBuilder IDE

  • BUG - Search whole words option did not work correctly…

FinalBuilder Actions

  • New - Added Continua CI Register Test Results action.
  • NEW - Addded Continua CI - Get Started By Action.
  • New - Added DUnitX Action.
  • Enhancement - Unit Test Actions - Added options to register test results file with Continua CI.
  • Enhancement - Git Create Repository action - removed unnecessary options.
  • Enhancement - VSTS Actions - Enable TLS 1.2 - requires .net framework 4…7.2 or higher
  • Enhancement - CSV Iterator Action - Improved invalid encoding handling.
  • Enhancement - Nuget Actions - added MSBuild 17.0 as an option.
  • Enhancement - Dotnet Publish Action - changed Self contained option to tri-state so default can be specified.
  • Enhancement - Import RAD Studio Project group wizard - added support for recent versions of C++ Builder.
  • Enhancement - Pascal Analyzer Action - added support for newer compiler versions and options.
  • BUG - Async Group Action - Changes to properties in the After Action script event could affect how child actions run.
  • BUG - Dotnet Test action - Fixed UI binding issue with Configuration and Logger fields.
  • BUG - Nuget Actions - trim trailing backslash on Source and Fallback sources as the nuget does not like them.
  • BUG - CSV Iterator Action - Fixed issue with handling file encoding with byte order marks.
  • BUG - If Then action - incorrect text for “ends with”, does not end with".
  • BUG - C++ Builder Action - fixed support for C++ Builder 11.x using wrong BDS value.
  • BUG - Create XML Node - fixed error handling when failing to save xml document.
  • BUG - AWS S3 Actions - updated region list and sdk version used.
  • BUG - Git Clone Action - fix directory exists check.