FinalBuilder Released

FinalBuilder official update is available from the downloads page

FinalBuilder Core

  • Enhancement - Improved error handling when opening corrupt log files

FinalBuilder Actions

  • Enhancement - Set Variable Action - Added vertical scrollbar to new value text box.
  • Enhancement - Git List Branches Action - If quiet option is set, don’t log commandline.
  • Enhancement - AssemblyInfo updater action - added option to fully qualify attributes from the selected propertyset.
  • Change - Git Checkout Action - changed commit field label to ‘Commit or Tag’ to better indicate usage.
  • Change - String Pos Action - don’t log input string as it could be very large.

FinalBuilder IDE

  • BUG - Search did not search action group variable values.
  • BUG - Fixed focus issue with script editor find/replace dialogs closing causing IDE to lose focus.
  • BUG - Fixed small memory leak when opening property dialogs.
  • Enhancement - Search Window - added option to control searching disabled actions - also colours disabled actions in search results.
  • Enhancement - Allow changing action enabled & ignore failure while project running, only if the action is not running or paused.