FinalBuilder Released

FinalBuilder official update is available from the downloads page

FinalBuilder Installer

  • Enhancement - Updated installer to not use temp file for ini updater and log exit code.

FinalBuilder Actions

  • BUG - Export Log Action - Exporting current project in Included Project was not working.
  • BUG - DPM Pack Action - added missing outputfolder command line parameter.
  • Enhancement - Delphi Action - Added --no-config compiler option…
  • Enhancement - TFS History Action - added option to specify workspace folder.
  • Enhancement - Signtool action - suppress key container from logging as it may contain EV cert password.
  • Enhancement - If…Then action - added StartWith, NotStartsWith, EndsWith and NotEndsWith operators.
  • Enhancement - Async Group Action - Change - Changed Thread Start Delay propery to Milliseconds.