FinalBuild - ISO Creation Fails

(Azmy Sukkoor) #1

Using FB8 (Build 2496), creating ISO of 4.5GB fails with an exception stating “Exception while creating ISO file system : Data file is too large for ‘ISO9660/Joliet’ file system”, has anyone seen this and found a workaround or fix?


(Vincent Parrett) #2

My guess would be your files have larger over time.

That said, I was just able to create a 14G iso with this format so it may be another issue. Joilet has a max file name size of 110 characters (officially 64, but most OS’s will read up to 110).

Try turning off Joilet and turning on UDF (which is a newer format).

(Azmy Sukkoor) #3

Turning off Joilet and turning on UDF worked for me, however, our release process requires Joilet for some reason, so what’s the impact of UDF?

Thanks for your help.

(Azmy Sukkoor) #4

It appears that ISO9660/Joliet has 2GB file size limit (for a single file on the media) and one of our files is larger than 2GB. If FB could provide more precise error message regarding this, that would save time.