Final Builder not discovering all methods from SOAP web service

I’m using the action ‘Web Service’ connected to our SOAP service, but I noticed that it only retrieves some methods from it.
I found this previous thread Web Service Action only finding one method but in my case there’s no permissions involved.

Please find the WSDL file here if it helps

A couple methods (there are more) FinalBuilder does not retrieve:

Thank you.

The missing methods have parameter types that the action doesn’t handle, in this case arrays & base64Binary etc.

I guess we could create a delimited list from and array, but in cases where the arrays are of another complex type… well that’s a problem.

For base64Binary, FinalBuilder doesn’t have a binary variable type, and if it did I’m not too sure what we would do with it (I guess in this method it’s a file that’s returned?) other than write it to file.

I’ll keep looking at this, these actions haven’t gotten a whole lot of attention in recent years and are overdue an overhaul. New variable types won’t happen for FinalBuilder 8, that’s just too big a change (with associated risk of bugs)… so it will be a while before we see any major progress on this. You may be better off creating a small console application in c# to do what you need and call it from FinalBuilder.