Filter Log By Action does not work when log is not the latest

Steps to replicate:

  1. Click on Run History to view the available logs
  2. Open a previous log (i.e. not the latest run)
  3. Right-click on an action, and choose “Filter Log by Action”

The viewed log switches to the latest run, and the filter is run against the log from the latest run. In my case, the action I wanted to filter on was not in the latest run, but WAS in the run I was trying to view. So I got a message stating: Action was not run in this log.

I would expect that, if you have a log open, the “Filter Log by Action” would filter the log you are viewing instead of moving to the latest log.

Automise version



Hi Jonathon

Thanks for the report and the concise steps, I can reproduce this here. Looking into it.

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Hi Jonathon

This build has the fix

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