Fileset Separator

(P. F.) #1


I used frequently in all my projects the fileset action combine with List Iterator with the automise V4.

I install the last version in a new server and i try to use the fileset but i have a problem. Indeed, when i configure the default separator like “Comma” ou “CRLF”, i don’t see the separator when i print the variable “Testlist.Allfiles” (in a mail for example) or when i use the list iterator. I really dont understand what is the problem.

testlist.allfiles = etc etc …
Where is the separator ?

Have you got an idea ?



(Jason Smith) #2

Hi Fougere,

I have found the issue and update Automise. Below is the update releases with the fix to use the default separator and quoting for the all files string.

(P. F.) #3

Thx for your action.
I confirm it’s ok.