File Iterator - limit to number of files?

Having a few issues processing a large number of files. Before delving more deeply into it, is there a limit to the number of files that the iterators can handle?

The main limit would be memory, since Automise is a 32 bit application, it’s limit is around 2G. Other than that I’m not aware of any artificial limits imposed.

What exactly is the issue you are seeing?

Hi Vincent,

Running my script across many (>65000) files, I see the loop either failing with error or terminating prematurely.
What about limit to log size?

I would have to check but from memory the log file has 2G limit.

What exactly is the error you are seeing.

BTW, if you are running this in the IDE, turn off Live Logging as it will chew up memory and cpu. Alternatively, run it from the command line using atcmd.exe