FianlBuilder 8 and HighDPI

I’m using the latest release of FinalBuilder on a fresh Windows 10 1909 and a 4K-monitor scaled to 175%.
When I start FinalBuilder all looks correct. Then I minimize it until the build signalizes that it has finished. After activating it again the scaling is at 100%. It doesn’t matter whether or not the window state had been maximized or normal before minimizing it.

FinalBuilder doesn’t currently behave too well on high dpi displays. The issue is in the VCL in Delphi (XE7) - we’re hoping the next update to delphi (10.4) will allow us address this issue. It’s been a source of major frustration for us over the last several years, hoping each delphi update will finally resolve the issues, so I’m not getting my hopes too high. FWIW, my expensive 4k second monitor is currently gathering dust on the shelf because of this issue.

That said, we are working to resolve what we can with high dpi support for FB9, whether we switch to a newer delphi version or not (yet to be seen).

Thank you for your reply.

We’re working with Delphi 10.3.3. While we had to do a lot of manual scaling over the years it has become much better in the meantime. Delphi even supports Per-Monitor DPI-Awareness now (to be defined in the manifest file). The most problems we had were with 3rd-party components.

Do you use VCL Themes? I tried 10.3.3 and it’s quite broken (titlebar hight and font wrong and many other issues). Embarcadero tell me the issues I reported will be addressed in 10.4, we’ll see.

No, we don’t use VCL themes. But I see what you mean in the IDE itself. I too hope this will be fixed soon.

P.S.: Personally, I’m not a fan of every application having its own look/theme/skin, however you want to call it :slight_smile:

I may be forced to switch to 10.3.3 soon rather than just waiting for 10.4 (hoping to avoid multiple third party installs) as XE7 has hit some memory limit and crashes constantly with FB9 (where we split each actions package into runtime & ui). I can run the debugger once and then have to restart the IDE, grrrr :frowning:

I wasn’t either, but it was difficult to get a decent look and feel across multiple versions of windows, and the vcl controls look rather tired without a theme.

FWIW, I bit the bullet and spent 4 days getting FB9 compiling in 10.3.3 - sadly it doesn’t run, getting a av somewhere deep in the vcl theme support which I cannot figure out. This only happens under the debugger, without the debugger it does run, however themes do not work at all. It’s a mess :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: . Also, the 10.4 debugger is next to useless, it takes several minutes to load FB9, whereas outside the debugger it starts in 3 seconds. Makes debugging really difficult. So I’m back to investigating what I can do in XE7 while waiting to see what 10.4 brings :roll_eyes:

That’s frustrating. Hope the 10.4 final can solve your issues.