Feature Request: Export projects, projects, configurations, stages, settings


it would be great if we could export all the setting of a Continua installation for backup and restore. 

I know it can be done via the database but an integrated process would be great feature.

In addition, a report in TXT or HTML with all the settings would be nice.



Hi John

Export/Import is currently in development, the file format will be yaml. It’s a large task and needs a lot of testing, so I cannot provide an eta at this time.

Are there any further news about implementing the "Export projects, projects, configurations, stages, settings" feature?

May be are version number or a release date...

See this roadmap post - https://www.finalbuilder.com/resources/blogs/continua-ci-roadmap-2018

Thank you Vincent. I see it't planned for

"Release 1.9.2"

One of the most requested features in Continua CI, is the ability to Export and Import Continua CI Projects and Configurations. This might be for moving from a proof of concept server to a production server, or simply to be able to make small changes, and import configurations into other projects. The file format will be YAML.