Feature Request: Date of build

At least in the details, i can't see the date, when the build was started. this is important for pinned builds.

So instead or additionally to "18 weeks ago", the real date would be nice.

You should see a tooltip with the datetime if you hover the mouse over it.

ok, you are right. too easy

Sorry to revive this thread but the question remains the same after 7 years:
Why do you not want to use a date (time) for finished builds?

I have builds which are 20, 30 or 50 weeks old. Does it make sense? Not for me. I want to see the date (and time) in a clear text! Tooltip can display the build age even in milliseconds, I really do not care about that. I care about seeing a date pattern in the builds history page. It is not asked too much, is it not?

Sorry @jpollack, but this is really not the way to ask for something. Telling us that we’re a joke achieves nothing.

Did you ever request this before? In this case, the OP was happy with the reply, and we had no reason to think that anyone else would want this changed. We almost always consider polite requests.

Sorry Dave. I didn’t want to offend. It just has been bothering me for years. I just discovered this discussion and wanted to give you my opinion. A hones and frustrating one. I am not telling that you or anyone else is a joke. Your team has made a great product and investing a lot of time and money into maintaining and creating new features all the time. I really appreciate it.

About the build finished date format I afraid it would look okay if the build is just minutes, hours or days old. Another picture opens if many builds are weeks or tens of weeks old. Then it is hard to find and pin or flag a specific time build. Obviously, I am the only one who sees it that way. In that case it can be as it is now. I will cope :slight_smile:

No worries @jpollack, we do see your point here and are considering what changes we can make.