Feature request: add custom views

Hi Guys,
Feature request:
Add views (per user setting)

Similar to or actually instead of the “Show / Hide” Button - please consider adding a “+” button, that will allow adding custom views?

This way instead of having the “Show / Hide” Eye icon - I could have multiple buttons up there in the title bar, each button will only show the projects and configurations that I have selected for it in the “Show / Hide Configurations” form for that specific button, and we could have multiple views. (only production / only QA / only server side services / etc’ , so each person will be able to setup his own views)

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Hi Arik,

This is something that we could consider.

We have a similar item to this on our to-do list. Although in this case, rather than a per-user setting, the idea was to allow you to add tags to each configuration (and project). These would then be listed at the top of the dashboard page to allow you to select to view a set of configurations associated with the tag.

A per-user setting may or may not work better. We’ll need to think this through, flesh out the design and investigate how easy it is to implement before we can schedule a timeline for this.

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