FB8 Hangs on startup

I just upgraded to FB8, long time user of FB6.

I’m experimenting with upgrading my FB6 projects, so far, mostly going well. I work on several different computers (just me - solo developer). On my main desktop machine (Windows 10 1903), FB8 works perfectly, but on a secondary machine (Server 2016), FB8 hangs in what appears to be a single-thread compute bound loop (25% CPU on a 4-way machine). The hand occurs somewhere during the start process where are FB modules are enumerated. If I kill the process and try again, it inevitably hangs, but always in a different spot.

How can I proceed?

I’ve not seen this before, but I would try uninstalling FB8 and re-installing. Another option is to try rebooting… I know, cliche IT response but still worth a try.

We have FB8 running on several server 2016 machines (physical and virtual) so we know it’s compatible.

Also, have a look in your %TEMP% folder and see if there is a finalbuilderbugreport.txt file.

I’ll take a look and see what I can find. I’m suspicious of this machine for other reasons, too, so I won’t be at all surprised if it’s something environmental.

Very odd. I did

  • Uninstall
  • Reboot
  • Re-install
  • Run - still got stuck
  • Launched VS 2019 and attached to FinalBuilder.exe - attach failed (I think) because of 100% CPU bound thread.
  • Quit VS2019 and sitting behind it, FB8 is now running!
  • Quit FB8 and launched again - now it doesn’t get stuck, but it complains that a whole bunch of plugins are loaded twice
  • When into package manager, deselected everything, re-selected everything
  • Quit and re-launch
  • Now FB8 seems perfectly happy

I know I’d downloaded an older FB8 build (last year), but I don’t recall if I ever installed it, so this might’ve been an upgrade install from a much older build, which the uninstall/reinstall might’ve helped clean up?

Whatever - seems to be working now. I’m still suspicious of this machine, but FB8 is doing it’s thing now, so I can move forward.


I think this was caused by a regression bug in that was fixed in - what version are you using?

  • Bug Fix - Fixed regression with package loading which caused some package to not be loaded.