Failover server


(Jeremy) #1

We’ve had to unexpectedly take our system that runs the Continua Server offline due to some (possible) hardware issues, which has made it so we can’t do any of our release builds.

Does the Continua Server have the concept of a backup server or a failover server? If not, what’s the best way to set up a backup server that we could get online and get everything back and running with minimal downtime?

Thanks in advance.

(Dave Sparks) #2

Hi Jeremy,

We don’t have any in-built fail-over server functionality.

Probably the simplest option would be to run your server in a virtual machine and use virtual machine replication to update an identical slave virtual machine.

It is also possible to replicate the database. This would require managing separate primary and standby database servers rather than using the bundled PostgreSQL database server. These can either be PostgreSQL or SQL Server - both of which support replication. See PostgreSQL: High Availability, Load Balancing, and Replication or SQL Server Replication

Once you have a fail-over database, you should be able to run a Continua CI install on another server and point it at that database. Make sure you have a backup of the server configuration file C:\Program Files\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI\Server\Continua.Server.Service.exe.config which contains the encryption keys which you will need to copy to the new install. The new server will not have a copy of the build logs. If you need these, make sure you have a synchronised copy of the ws folder under the under the data share folder. The new server will also not have the repository caches, but these will be rebuilt when the server starts. This may take some time so it would be useful to have a synchronised copy of the rc folder under the data share folder.