Execute Programm Edit-field to narrow

(Thomas Lohrum) #1


for “Execute Program/Program/Execute parameters” we have configurations, which use a rather large parameter. The edit field becomes clumsy as soon as the edit text gets longer than it can be displayed. The hint is not of much help either, as it will overflow on the screen’s edge.

Maybe a multiline edit control can be used?


(Vincent Parrett) #2

You can press F2 in edit fields to bring up a larger editor.

(Thomas Lohrum) #3

Hi Vincent,

that’s really cool. One more time the FinalBuilder products surprise with great value. I did not know yet of this feature. It will help a lot. One minor issue is a use case, when the edit text does contain %variables% that will trigger a hint window. In such a case one must first close the hint window by pressing ESC before the F2 key will be available.


(Thomas Lohrum) #4

PS: The edit window may be even larger.

(Vincent Parrett) #5

I’ll look at making sure the hint is hidden automatically. I also noticed the Edit Field windows doesn’t remember it’s size (it is resizable), I’ll look at that too.