Execute Powershell Script with script parameters

Can I get some advice on calling a Powershell script with script parameters?

This fails with an error consistent with no parameter being received by the script.

Sanity check of same script from PS command line works

Am I missing something?

No you are not missing anything, the action doesn’t cope with named parameters. I just pushed a fix for this, will post a link to the new build with the fix shortly.

This build has the fix


Wow thanks very much - will give it a spin tomorrow.

Hi Vincent,

Off the back of some quick testing just want to check…

Running a little powershell that prints parameter one and two:

param ($one, $two)
write-host "1: $one" 
write-host "2: $two"

I’m finding the second parameter isn’t passing through this way:


or this way:


I can reproduce, looking into it. Seems like something messed up with loop that processes the parameters.

Ok, this build should behave better - note to self, a loop in js is not a scope block!