Exception when trying to FTP upload with a empty file set

I get an exception when trying to do a FTP upload with an empty file set.

I would like to skip the action but I don’t’ know how to check the file set name (“NewBuilds”) in a script to see if it is empty.

Thank you,

Ed Dressel

Hi Ed

I haven’t been able to reproduce this, but will do more testing on this today. What version/build are you using?

You can use an If then… action with an expression


to decide whether to do the upload or not.

I created a group and tried the following VB code:

SkipAction = %NewTRAKBuilds.IsEmpty%

which gives me an exception:

Invalid character
Line: 2
Char : 14

I then tried:

SkipAction = NewTRAKBuilds.IsEmpty

and get the exception:

Object doesn’t support this property or method: ‘NewTRAKBuilds.IsEmpty’
Line: 2
Char : 1

I don’t have NewTRAKBuilds defined as a variable–I would not know what type of variable to define it as.

Thank you,

Ed Dressel

FB v.

Fileset.IsEmpty wasn’t exposed to scripting (it is now, I just added it). I’ll upload a build with this fix shortly.

The %NewBuilds.IsEmpty% expression can only be used in text fields, not scripting.

Thank you for the response–can I use it in the version I am in? I tried it in the group’s Execute Condition and it failed there as well.

The condition field is actually a Script so you can’t use the expression there, however you can use the If Then… action to achieve this.

This build adds the FileSet.IsEmpty to scripting and improves empty fileset handling for the FTP Upload action.