Error when using FBCMD.EXE

Hi, So far I have been using FinalBuilder8.exe to run unattended builds at the morning.
But sometimes there are errors but not reproducible. I read at the doc that fbcmd.exe is recommended when desktop session is missing, that makes sense.

But now I got this error instead that are reproducible.
Hm I now see that I got the same error in FinalBuilder8. This has been worked before.
Any idea what is wrong?

Including Project: F:\Attracs\Utils\FinalBuilder\SplitreposXE\AttracsServer.fbp8
Included project successfully run
Unable to save project information: F:\Attracs\Utils\FinalBuilder\SplitreposXE\AttracsServer.fbp8 : Error saving project info file : F:\Attracs\Utils\FinalBuilder\SplitreposXE\AttracsServer.fbpInf
Access is denied

So it is a subscript that is called to compile the project.

Seems to working now by refresh all scripts from github. Strangeā€¦