Error expanding action name : Could not expand value 'FinalBuilder [${ProjectFile}]'

Hi Guys,

Recently, After upgrading from to we’ve started to see this error:

Executing stage on agent 'continuaci-01'
Current action :  Error expanding action name : Could not expand value 'FinalBuilder [${ProjectFile}]'. The expression "FinalBuilder [${ProjectFile}]" contains errors: Expected closing $ to end the object expression. To use $ as part of a field value, escape it with another $. ie. $$. - "FinalBuilder [$^{ProjectFile}]"

This happens when calling FB8 action from within a configuration stage (most our projects do that, as our main deployment logic is 99.9% in FB8)

The error is shown in the “Stage Executing” header of the build details page:

And It is also shown in the log tab when trying to show the expanded name of the final builder project file that’s being run:

Before trying to expand:

After trying to expand:

Under our “FinalBuilder Action” We’re calling our fbp8 project by specifying this path under “Project File” field:

There’s no problem with the file actually running - it is running behind the scenes and builds complete as usual, its just that the name is not expanded.

Can you kindly look into this?


Thanks for reporting this, Arik. We can confirm that this is a bug and will be fixed for the next version.

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