Empty checkout from Subversion


(QPR Software Oyj) #1

We have Continua running in test environment. Currently it has one simple configuration containing one configuration-level SVN repository and one stage containing just a 7-zip action for testing.
Running the build causes it to succeed in a couple of seconds without any file actually being retrieved from the repository. The 7-zip action that is supposed to packs the content of workspace results in an empty package.

Potentially relevant properties of the SVN repository:

  • Checkout files to workspace: ticked.
  • Enabled: ticked.
  • Repository URL: Points to a valid location containing thousands of files in multiple folders.
  • Externals: Ignore
  • Branches to Monitor: Single branch
  • Default Path: /trunk/
  • Tag Changes: Ignore
  • No filtering, exclude patterns or downtime specified.

Our production Continua environment is running, has a repository defined with exactly the same properties, and the build there successfully retrieves files from the same location.

I noticed that Subversion log has following line when running the build with
products checkout-or-export /trunk/Source r38153 depth=empty 0
When running the build with the production environment, the Subversion log has the same line without the depth=empty.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Continua in the test environment, but the results were the same.

(Dave Sparks) #2


The checkout command with the depth=empty argument is used during repository initialisation when the ‘Checkout files to workspace’ checkbox is not ticked. This suggests that the ‘Checkout files to workspace’ was not ticked when the repository was initialised or last reset, and then ticked afterwards.

We’ve been testing this today and, because we switch to each new revision rather than use the checkout command, the depth setting on the workspace is not changed after ticking the ‘Checkout files to workspace’ checkbox. Subsequent changesets are therefore empty as you have found. We’re working on a patch to fix this now.

Meanwhile, if you reset the repository in the Administration section then it should work as expected.

Thank you for reporting this.