Email on build failure

I found the notifications to subscribe to, but I’d like to try to get a little more complicated with my failure emails.  Let me explain:

When the change set is built, it has a list of the files & a list of the users associated with the change set.  

On a build failure, I would like to be able to send the failure email, along with the generated logs to the user(s) associated with the changes that triggered that build.  

I’d be fine with writing an application that would do the parsing of the change set information to determine who to send the email to (as the users in our source control software could differ wildly from the users with Continua accounts), but is there a way to accomplish something like this currently, or perhaps already on the books?


Hi Jeremy,

We are planning an overhaul of notifications feature as the current architecture is quite limiting. I like the idea of sending notifications to the changeset commit user so I’ll add this to the relevant items on our to-do list. There are no current plans to allow attachments in email notifications, however you can include a link to the build view page.

Meanwhile, here’s a way to show details from the latest changeset:

{% assign latest = ‘1/1/1000’ %}{% for change in ChangeSets %}{% if change.created > latest %}   {% assign latest = change.created %}{% endif %}{% endfor %}
Repository  / Branch / User / Issues / Comment
{% for change in ChangeSets %}{% if change.created == latest %}
{{ change.RepositoryName }} / {{ change.Branch }} / {{ change.RepositoryUserName }} / {% for issue in change.Issues %}{% if forloop.last == true %}{{ issue.Name }}{% else %}{{ issue.Name }}, {% endif %}{% endfor %} / {{ change.Comment }}
{% endif %}{% endfor %}

@Dave Is this possible now?

Hi Darren,

Unfortunately, you still cannot set up notifications to be sent to the changeset commit user.

One of our team members is working on a notification architecture overhaul in the background. Once this is completed we will be able to add more features to this area.

What’s the status on this now?

Hi RJ,

There is a Only notify users who caused the build checkbox on the Repository tab of the Trigger settings for a Repository Trigger. This is only visible after selecting a Git, Mercurial, TFS, Subversion or Plastic repository.

Ticking this option will restrict any notifications for builds started by this trigger to the user associated with the triggering changeset. e.g. only the user which committed the changeset will receive the notification.

For this to work, the user must be set up as a user of Continua CI and the repository username must be mapped to the Continua CI user using Repository User Mappings.