Email notification quit after updating to

We use the build success and build failure plaintext template to send an email after a build but no team members are getting notified of anything after updating to from

Where do I start looking for the problem?


I’m not able to reproduce that here, testing on our production server (running build 509) or on my dev machine.

I had a look at the commits between those two builds and the only thing that changed was that we pulled in an update to the third party libraries (mailkit and mimekit) that we use for sending emails. I also had a look at the changes to mailkit/mimekit but nothing stood out as something which might cause issues.

So to further diagnose this issue

  1. Are there any relevant Continua Event Log entries, or windows Event Log entries?
  2. Did anything change with your mail server?
  3. In the Email publisher settings dialog, click on the Validate button. Does the validation email get sent?
  4. If none of the above help, then enable debug logging and run a build that should send notifications, once the build has stopped, stop the service and send the debug log to support @ and we can take a look and see if anything stands out (worth you taking a look as well).


In addition to the above, I have just been informed that it’s possible that changes to the expression engine may be a possible cause. Please send a copy of your plaintext template to support @ so we can check for issues with the expressions in it.

The requested template has been sent.

  1. No
  2. No
  3. Yes
  4. Logs sent. When I kicked off the build from the queue button I got a notification. When a build was kicked off by a repository trigger I did not get a notification.

The issue as correctly diagnosed by the ContinuaCI team ( thank you, @Sparky ) was actually that I had changed the repository url. The notification mappings then were not updated which was fixed in

Also a thank you to @Vincent for communicating with me during the holidays and trying to get this resolved. The support here has been great!

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