Echoing a variable doesnt work anymore

Hi There,
we use CI Version In the first Step of our Configuration we start a Commandline which includes a few Variables. Like that:

set BuildVersion=%VerProject%.%VerBuild%.0.%VerRevision%
echo @@continua[setVariable name=‘DelphiVersion’ value=‘D28’]
echo @@continua[setVariable name=‘DelphiAgentVersion’ value=‘D113’]

Continua Log:
C:\CI_AWS\Ws\33743\Source\source>echo @@continua[setVariable name=‘DelphiVersion’ value=‘D28’]
Variable ‘%delphiversion%’ has been set to ‘D28’.

C:\CI_AWS\Ws\33743\Source\source>echo @@continua[setVariable name=‘DelphiAgentVersion’ value=‘D113’]
Variable ‘%delphiagentversion%’ has been set to ‘D113’.

That works fine for years.
After Updating CI to the latest Version it stopps Working.
Log shows setting the new Values to the variables is korrekt.
But the Variable-Values in CI System doesnt update.

Hi Sascha,

Setting variables appears to be working for us, see screenshot below:

What is the Type for each of the DelphiVersion and DelphiAgentVersion variables?

Can you send us a copy of your build log? Send it either as a direct message to me (click on my avatar) or by email to support at

Which version of Continua did you upgrade from?


i dont know exactly the CI version before Updated.
Can i check it in any Log or older Build?

Both Types are Text an no Prompt:

I Send You the log

Thanks for sending the log, but we don’t see where you are actually using the variable values.

Where can you see that they are not updated?

Note that build variables which are available during the build process, and are set when using Set Variable actions and set-variable log messages, are discarded at the end of the build. This has always been the case. The only way to keep the variable values after the build has finished is to use the Persist Build Variables build event handler to store the value in configuration variables and project variables.

The screenshot shows that the variables DelphiVersion and DelphiAgentVersion have the correct values. Am I missing something?

In Post two you see, that we set the DelphiAgentVersion to “D113” in the batch. But the Build-Variable doesnt change and dont have a mark that it was updated

Here you see an older Build with the CI Version before:

OK - I see your issue now, however I not able to reproduce it. Here’s our variables after running the build in the log above:

Are there any errors on the Event Log page in the Administration section?

Do you set it with a batch like this?:

Setting it with an Action doesnt work too…

I used a .bat file, but your log shows the values are being set so it’s not the action that is causing the issue, something further on. We’ll do some further testing tomorrow. Perhaps you could export your configuration and send us that, so we can use that to reproduce.

how can i export the configuration?
and how can i enable deeper logging?

What do you se if you use a Log Entry action to log the values of the variables after the DOS Command action?

You can export the configuration in the Administration section under Import/Export. See Debug Logging - Continua CI - VSoft Technologies Documentation Wiki for details on enabling debug logging.

The Log Entry action is an action that you can add to the build stage


Here you see, that in the next step the variable is set to default


the Fix you send me solve the Problem.
Thx for your quick support.

Greets Sascha Isensee

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