E-mail client POP3, IMAP, MAPI?

That would be great.  Any plans?

+1 for this please (been asking for awhile actually) - come on guys, there’s obviously a need for it!

Hi Guys

It’s on our todo list. There is a couple of reason why it hasn’t already been done, one is a lack of resources (we’re having trouble finding suitable developers) and second is we haven’t yet identified a suitable library which has reasonable licensing terms (ie reasonable price per developer and no royalties). We’re working on both issues and once they are resolved we’ll get stuck into a bunch of planned new internet actions.

Thanks, good to know it's on the list, another great addition would be a windows service thats monitors for events (file, folder, eventlog, ftp, webservice value etc) and triggers automise scripts (I know I've mentioned it before), but no harm is asking again ;-)


Hi, any news? 3 years later?

Any news?

Hi Fran (and others interested),

We have just discussed this here. The trouble we are having is fully understanding how this feature would be used in the wild. This would help determine how we would implement and presented an email client as actions. Some of the questions which arise are;

What use cases are being seen which require an email client?
What actions would you see as being required?

I’ve just found this topic, searching for a product that is capable doing this. The use case is below. Currently we use our self-written program for this. The program does the following:

1. Connects to a mail box and downloads the messages from it, writing them into a specified directory using a specified file name pattern. The file name may include some data extracted from email headers.
2. Extracts some headers from the downloaded emails - From, To, etc. and verifies if the message is from a valid sender.
3. Extracts attachments (again selectively, probably using wildcards and/or regular expressions) from each message and saves them as files.
4. Validates extracted files using a set of business rules (for example they should be valid TIFFs).
5. Moves the extracted files to the specified directory where they are processed by other applications.

The actions required are the following:

1. Connect to a POP3/IMAP/MAPI mailbox
2. Get count of messages.
3. Retrieve a particular message to a file.
4. Download all or some messages based on their headers.
5. Delete a message in the mailbox
6. Delete all or some messages based on their headers.
7. Extract the message text from a message file.
8. Get the number of attachments in a message file.
9. Extract one or all attachments from a message file.
10. Disconnect from the mailbox.

It is probably too late for you to implement this as you have just missed the opportunity to sell the product to us. We are already in active search and need that can do this already or will be doing this in a short period of time (a month or so).