Dynamic representation of items in a checkbox select

when a create a variable with prompt-type set to “Checkbox Select” all checked values will be stored as a list of variables which are separated by a ‘,’ (comma) and quoted with ‘"’ (double quote).
Is it possible to make the separator-char and quote-char configurable for the variable with this prompt-type? Because when I pass this variable to a program as command-line-argument I get problems because double quotes are there some special characters.

Hi Albrecht,

Changing the internal representation of the checkbox select variables is likely to have ramifications in other areas of the code, which may take some time to investigate. We are however working on some additions to the expression engine to allow you to split and join string array variables like these. We’ll make a few modifications to these functions (or add others as necessary), to allow you to convert from the internal representation to an output representation using different separators and delimiters.