Delphi/Rad Studio Environment variables

When using the Delphi action, you may come across an error like this if using Environment Variable overloads in Rad Studio :

Error creating cfg file.

–> Error expanding variables in library Path : Variable : Everwood - does not exist!

This error occurs because FinalBuilder does not have the variable(s) defined. You can tell FinalBuilder to load those variables from the registry at startup. In the FinalBuilder Options, go to Compilers, Embarcadero Delphi, Check the checkbox that says “Use Rad Studio XXXX Environment Variables at startup”, save the options and then restart FinalBuilder.

The reason this option is not enabled by default is that if you have multiple versions of Rad Studio or Delphi installed, the same environment variables may be defined in those multiple versions, and the values of those variables may not be what you expect.