Database migration from SQL Server to PostgreSQL

(Kay Zumbusch) #1


is there a way to migrate the Continua CI database from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL?

Our database server is reaching end of life (Windows Server 2008 R2) and will be completely replaced and we would have to license a new version of SQL Server as well. And as Continua CI is the only application database left that requires a production license (CALs or cores) we are looking for more cost effective options.

With kind regards

Kay Zumbusch

(Vincent Parrett) #2

Hi Kay

We don’t have any automated or simple way of doing the conversion, there are a couple of options :

  1. We do the conversion (from a backup of your sqlserver db) for a fee (contact us for a quote).

  2. Use an off the shelf tool to do the conversion. This is not without risks or potential issues, and our support would be limited on this.