Curl to post messages?

I want to post new messages to Slack. Simplest solution should be curl.
I have tried this and it works from git bash commandline that I got when git is installed.
Standard cmd in Windows don’t works.

So what action should I use for this in FinalBuilder ?
Another option is to write an console application in Delphi for posting message but want to avoid it if possible.

When I got this to work I also want to attach FinalBuilders log-file.



“curl” comes with Windows 10. In my installation i can verify the command by executing “curl --version”.


For now I would use curl for windows (not the bash version). We are working on a new http action for FB9 which will support get/post/put etc as well as various payloads/headers etc.

Will that feature also be available in Automise? It is something that we would like to have there as well.

Yes, planned for both.