Create first project in fails with validation error on first page

The error message appears (saying “One field failed validation. Variable name can only …” but disappearing too quickly, so no screenshot, sorry :blush:)

Using Windows 10, PostgresDB, free version

Kind Regards

Hi Michael,

We are unable to reproduce this validation error and would really need the full message to work out what is happening here. Are you creating a new project or editing an existing one? I know the heading says creating, but there’s doesn’t appear to be any route to create a new project with variables. Also, is this a new installation or an upgrade to an existing one?

We can, however, reproduce an issue with a validation message disappearing. You can download a hotfix for this using the following links:

With this installed, you should be able to read the full validation message.

Many thanks, I downloaded and installed the hotfix and happily can take a screenshot with the error message:

I am trying to create the first project after a fresh installation.

Maybe I’ll alsow do a clean install of the Hotfix version later to see if it makes a difference.

Kind Regards

Hi Michael,

This appears to be happening while reading in environment variables to associate with the new project.

Can you check the environment variables on the server? Open a command prompt and enter SET. Are there any with the name ‘Variables.Parent.Parent.Variables.Name’? If not, log in with the Continua CI Server service user account and check again.

If it is not required, then try removing it, e.g. SET Variables.Parent.Parent.Variables.Name=, (and any other environment variables containing a dot), then restarting the Continua CI Server service.

Otherwise, we’ll get a fix out for this on Monday.

Hi Dave, I have checked the environment variables. I am logged in with the service user account, and there are no matching variables set.

There is only one system environment variable containing a dot: deployment.expiration.check.enabled=false (not sure where I got it from).
After removing it and a restart of the server the error is gone.

Many thanks for your support!