Copy Files Action - Can we specify user to copy with?

I have a service account that has access to a network directory that my account does not. I can map a drive using the service account, but then I have a Copy Files action that gets files from the mapped directory. If I run this in the GUI, it fails because it tries to do the copy under my account. If I run it under the scheduler, which uses the service account, the entire project succeeds because the copy is being done under that account.

This makes testing very difficult, as I cannot run through the actions and resolve any issues. The copying of the files always fails, and it is difficult to know whether this is because it is running under my account or for some other reason.

Am I missing something? Can we use the GUI and specify credentials to run the Copy Files action with (or maybe run the whole thing using the credentials we specify? Just thought of that)?


Hi Jonathan

You can run the gui as a different user, shift+right click will include the “run as different user” option in the popup menu.

We looked at adding credentials to the copy files action a long time ago and there were issues but I don’t recall exactly what they were now, so perhaps it’s something we can look into again.

Thank you! I will give that a try and let you know how it works.

With some modifications (giving the ID access to the files that Automise needs to access), this seems to be a decent workaround. Thank you!